I’m Back

Hey! Long time no see…

I wrote my first post in this blog on June 23, since then I’ve written 3 more posts (this one included)…

I know, I know… Certainly, It’s not what I had in mind at the moment I started with this blog, I have a few excuses in mind: work, lack of time, mind block, and my favorite: I got married!

Yes! Programmers get married too!

Anyways, I’m back on track and really excited about this project, I’ve already started doing some reading and making some small changes in my daily routine to produce more constant content and here are a few thoughts:

Lack of time

This is not a valid excuse. This is a false problem, you can always make time for what’s important. I’ll create an schedule for writing within my routine.


As I’ve just said I will try to stick to a writing and publishing schedule, my goal will be a post per 2 weeks.


I’ll be searching for motivation constantly, I do have many things I want to write about, so I think that is not a problem right now, I just need to organize my ideas. For a start, I’ve just upgraded my WordPress.com plan from Free to Personal which allows me to use my custom personal domain (isscroberto.com) and removes the built-in ads among other perks.

So, Let’s get to it!

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