2017: A Recap

2017 has been the best year of my life. Here’s a short recap I want to share.

😱 January: I got in a terrifying ride. My wife is a true daredevil, she made me do it and I felt glad to be alive when I get off.


😍 February: It was our civil wedding, no big celebration because we were already planning our religious ceremony for September (spoiler), then me and my wife moved to a new house. It is such an exciting and thrilling adventure to share a place with the person you love.

πŸ’» March: I got a new job. A little reluctant about it, the change, the thrill, the adaptation, the new routine, so many things in my head. It turned to be a good job, I’ve learned many things and I’ve worked with great people, I’m still working here.


βš”οΈ April: Went to a very cool event (Opera Picnic), and got a little nostalgic while enjoying a couple of AOE LAN parties.

πŸŽ‚ May: I turned 25 years old.

πŸ’’ June: Lots of wedding planning.

πŸ€™ July: Friends and Family. I reunited with some friends from college, had really good time and everybody was so hyped about the wedding (I’m the first of the group that gets married). Had a trip with family to a very nice cabin and a family reunion with my cousins.


🌊 August: Bachelor trip in Vallarta. My friends organized this awesome trip to the beach. I’m just grateful for having such cool friends.


❀️ September: Wedding. I got married with the love of my life. Definitively the best day of my year. I really had a great time, it was so much fun, watching our families and friends so happy, so many moments, so many feelings. A day I will remember all my life.


🍯 October: Honeymoon. Simply amazing. We spent some days on Holbox, a tiny island located in the Mexican Caribbean where I’m pretty sure the time goes much slower and another days in the city of Cancun in a big luxury hotel. Kind of opposite worlds… It was incredible to experience both.


πŸ™ƒ November: Guanajuato City. We took a trip to one of my favorites cities I’ve known. It amazes me every time I go. Culture, art, history, museums, its tunnels network, and legends are some of the magic it has to offer.

🌲 December: Nature. I got the opportunity to spent some days at Mazamitla, a little town in the middle of the forest as part of the planning session for a software development startup where I collaborate: EPCON CCS. Great days, big fun, team work, and creativity. And also in December my wife got apendicitis… Well, shit happens…


So, a great year. Right? Huge thanks to all the people I got to share a moment with this year, my friends, my family, my team and specially to the love of my life Berenice, now my wife. You have made 2017, the best year of my life.


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