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Code challenges are great, whether you know nothing about code and want to get started or you are a developer with many years of experience, code challenges are a fun and easy way to keep your skills sharp, get into new technologies and learn from a huge community.

Personally, I think there are many reasons why developers should take code challenges and quizzes on a constant basis, among them:

  • They help you to continuously improve your code skills.
  • Learn new languages and skills.
  • Learn from other developers multiple solutions to a problem.
  • Enable creativity.
  • Great companies love code challenges. Be prepared for your dream job interview.
  • They’re fun!

So, with that said, here are my personal top code challenges websites:


Coderbyte gives you access to a great collection of challenges that you can solve directly in your browser with more than 10 programming languages. Another great feature is that you can compare thousands of user solutions with your own, it is crazy how many approaches there are to a single challenge.

Coderbyte also has something called tracks, which are a collection of tutorials, and challenges designed to prepare you for technical interviews of different companies, which I think is fantastic.


Codewars brings you thousands of challenges in many languages for you to solve as well. The cool thing about Codewars is its dojo thematic where developers become warriors training their skills and get ranked among its community.

A challenge is named Kata and they are the main activity of the site, the Kata can also be created by members of the community and complemented with more languages. You get Ranks that indicate progression and difficulty as you start completing Kata and also you have Honor, which represents the level of respect earned from the community by staying active and contributing.


Same as the two above, these platforms bring you thousands of challenges, but it adds a fun turn, it turns challenges into games, it brings some cool graphics and missions that make the challenges a lot more fun and also you are able to compete in multiplayer challenges with developers all around the world.

Many achievements can be earned and definitely all this game-like functionality makes the challenges and the competition great to learn about many programming concepts and mathematics puzzles. You are also able to contribute with your own puzzles to the platform.

Of course, there are many more code challenges platforms, so, share your favorites with me and start solving challenges.


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