My First Action for Google Assistant

Actions define support for user requests and the corresponding fulfillment within Google Assistant. Read more.

I came across a couple of videos from Google Developers which show you how to create your first Action from scratch. Neto and Jessica explain the foundations of the platform and describe how to build, test and publish your action, they also make you laugh.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Guided by this videos I made a complementary action for my app Daily Prayer, a simple app that just does what its name implies, and I thought of an action that bring this functionality through Google Assistant.

My Action relies on a Firebase Function for fulfillment which returns the prayer to be read by the assistant, you can find this function code in my GitHub.

Bonus! After submitting my action for review and after a couple of days of waiting my action was approved and apparently Google is giving away free Google assistant t-shirts and Google Cloud credit.


Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Update: The free stuff arrived!


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