Everyone should have this, he thought, and perhaps, at the end, everyone does. Perhaps in their time of dying, everyone rises.

Let me tell you a story, the first book from Stephen King I read was Desperation, it was in high school and it is funny because I was not into horror books, I would never have read a horror book at that time in my life; but this book came to me, literally I found this book abandoned and what was I supposed to do, leave it? It was in my hands and the curiosity was stronger than the terror.

Since then, I discovered horror books to be enjoyable and Stephen King become one of my favorite authors.

I just read Elevation and it has null of horror in it, fortunately for me, supernatural > horror. I really enjoyed it, it was a very quick read, it is a novella, and it felt good; it delivers a message of unity, tolerance, and elevation, it made me smile and truly engage with characters, and despite being one of the ‘quietest’ novels I’ve read, it reinvigorated me.


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