I must admit that I have not been feeling very productive lately, especially with my personal projects.

In an effort to keep my life organized, I have these to-do lists, regarding different topics, for example, work, personal projects, books, you name it. Well, I have been feeling stuck, honestly, not completing many items.

I found myself blaming everything else and finding excuses very easily. After some time facing this situation, I stumbled upon a post about procrastination that clicked with me.

What if it’s not about your context, but instead, your emotions? Perhaps it is not about time, laziness, or bad organization, and instead it is about feelings.

I paused a moment and discovered that some of these tasks were bringing up different feelings on myself; some of these tasks seemed boring, other seemed tough, or even scary due to the looming possibility of failure. Faced with these emotions, it makes sense to distract ourselves with something that makes us feel better.

This distraction works short-term but eventually you must face all the dirt that you swept under the carpet.

Learning to identify these emotions is the first step to break the habit, and here I am, breaking the habit, writing…


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